What you should know about motorcamping

What you take Touring/Motocamping is very much a personal thing; some folk pack all their worldly possessions while some take no more than a toothbrush. Most of us fall somewhere in between the two. Find out about motorsports classes.

There are of course some determining factors to consider.
· Length of Trip
· Type of Motorcycle
· The Place your visiting

Whether it’s only a one night stop over or maybe a 6 month trip most of us take the essentials Tent, Sleeping Bag, Cooking Equipment, etc.

Here’s some of the gear that MotoBOTC crew have being using over the last few years and have found to be well up to the job of Touring/Motocamping. See camps in Germany.

This is a lightweight tent with a very good pack size that has not let us down what ever the weather has had to offer. It has seen gloriously hot weather and some very miserable conditions but has always stayed dry and leaks free; it also has excellent ventilation when the weather is hot.

For some it would be far to small, claustrophobic even? We like to call it cosy and snug. This does have its downside as there is not a lot of room so, getting in and out off your bike gear, can be a bit like playing Twister. There is enough room for two panniers and our bike gear, with enough room Left for a good nights sleep.

Extra room to store all of your motorsports equipment

If you would like more room to move or store things. Then we can recommend this Khyham ‘McKinley; tent. It is quick to erect due to its rapidex pole system. If the weather is bad (it has been known) and you have friends with a ‘very cosy tent’ then there is enough room to invite them in to shelter, talk and play jenga! It isn’t particularly small but we have no problems with it strapped across a rear rack.